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Eugene dog trainers specializing in all ages, breeds and behaviors with positive reinforcement private in-home customized dog training.

Why Choose Smart Dog Pet Training LLC?

Specializing in all ages and breeds, your trainer will put together a specialized training plan based on your dog’s specific training needs that fits your schedule anytime during the day, evening or weekends.

Our skilled dog trainers offer customized, exclusive in-home dog training with dedicated to attention to you and your dog in the comfort of your home.

Your training is designed to be fun, educational and affordable for anyone needing dedicated attention in the comfort of your home without having to transport your puppy or dog to training, eliminating unwanted distractions, and designed to fit your schedule.

Exclusive In-Home Private Dog Training in Eugene Oregon with a CPDT Certified Professional Dog Trainer

  • Customized Puppy Training
  • “Smart Start” Obedience Dog Training for All ages and Breeds
  • Counter-Conditioning Positive Reinforcement Aggressive Behavior Training
  • AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and S.T.A.R Puppy Programs
Dog Trainer Eugene Oregon
Eugene Oregon Dog Trainer
Service Dog Training

Zuko Bueno – Eugene Oregon Professional Dog Trainer

Like so many, dogs have played a big role in my life. As a child, we always
had a dog included in our family.
I was always curious about what goes into a dog’s behavior and became interested in learning the thought process of a dog. I began by teaching my own dogs new tricks and would do research and read any dog training article along with watching videos to better understand our dogs. I have sense worked for multiple dog training organizations where I have worked with all breeds and all behaviors in a positive reinforcement and science based training. I have also trained in proper use of tools as a means of communication not corrections.

    I was diagnosed with a disability and it was making easy everyday functions difficult so I started to look into Service Dogs. I began self training my first service dog Ghost, a White German Shepherd 9 years ago who unfortunately passed of a medical condition. I saw the difference after having a service dog and I became invested in the training. Since then I have successfully trained multiple service dogs and now have a Service dog that works along side me Named Azula, A Sable German Shepherd.

   I had the opportunity to travel abroad and while in Split, Croatia, I got the chance to work with a local dog rescue where I got to learn more about dog behaviors and training methods to modify behaviors. I was sad to see that most of these dogs were abandoned due to not being understood. I have made it my mission to help as many dogs as possible so no one has to surrender their companion

What People Are Saying

We highly recommend Smart Dog Pet Training! We wanted to start our new Mini Australian Shepherd puppy off on the right paw. 😉 Working with Smart Dog Pet Training was amazing, and helped us work through some of the new puppy behaviors with gentle, positive reinforcement. If I ever had a question, it was answered immediately and they always went above and beyond in everything they did. Thank you!

Annie M.

Smart Dog Pet Training was absolutely outstanding, They have a way with animals and loves what they do and it shows. They came to help us with our Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd puppy. Truly did wonders for us and the pup. Would highly recommend Smart Dog Pet Training for any of your k9 training needs, Stellar!!!

Fred A.

Learn How to Effectively Communicate with Your Puppy or Adult Dog

Knowing how to properly understand and communicate with your puppy or adult dog should be the foundation of any training.

Once you begin to understand how to communicate with your dog, teaching your dog becomes fun, educational and far more successful.

Our Eugene dog trainers have extensive experience working with all dog breeds and ages with behavioral challenges such as:

  • Barking and lunging at other dogs or people
  • Shy and fearful dogs who may show signs of aggression
  • Resource Guarding of food and toys

Are You Frustrated with A New Puppy? We Can Help!

We train puppies beginning at 12-weeks teaching all the basics from an experienced and certified Eugene dog trainer.

  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Nipping/Biting
  • Chewing
  • Listening
  • “Sit-Stay-Down-Place-Wait-Greetings


Let’s Train Your Dog Together

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