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Why choose dog training in Salem with Smart Dog Pet Training?

Phone Consultations

Free phone consultation discussing your dog’s behavior, pricing and how we can work around your busy schedule.

Customized Training Topics

Topics for heath, nutrition, tricks, games, manners and behaviors even after all training sessions are over.


Trainer Consultations

An opportunity for your trainer to come to you to evaluate your dogs behavior, and answer questions.

Exclusive In-Home Training

Our trainers come to you. Force-free, based on your schedule that is fun, educational, and at a price you can afford.

Our Services


Puppy Training

Your new puppy will learn basic manners and commands with customized puppy training classes to meet your puppies specific training needs.

 Obedience training

Dog Obedience

Improve your dog’s behavior with obedience training such as waiting at the door, and how to properly greet people.

Aggressive dog training

Aggressive Dog Training

Is your dog shy or fearful? Improve your dog’s confidence and overcome resource guarding, leash reactivity, and dog aggression with specialized dog aggression training.

Our Team

Due to a lack of trainers in the Salem, Albany, Corvallis and Eugene areas, we are not taking any new clients at this time for behavior modifications such as fear/shy or aggression.

Dog trainers needed in Portland,Salem, Corvallis and Eugene. Apply at today

Client Testimonials

Honest opinions from real customers

“Lori was wonderful Albany dog trainer to have train our Aussie. She was able to help with our needs in as little as 2 weeks, then we were able to start on something else! She was assuring, respectful, knowledgeable, and truly showed she cared not only for our pup but for our families opinions as well. Manager also was wonderful to us, making sure we got the correct services we needed for our pup. I would recommend Smart Dog Services to friends and family.” K. Luna.

“My husky mix is a rescue pup who has intense separation anxiety, kenneling him seemed like a lost cause (as he ate through 3 kennels), He was marking in our home, and destroying our things. Glenn, our Salem dog trainer, was so helpful, he took the time to listen to all of our issues and hear us out. Within hours we had Brodi “kenneling up” within the week we had him staying in his kennel for the whole day. Seriously saved us!!!!” C. Lambert.

“We just finished our Salem puppy training classes and i couldn’t be happier. Nicole was our trainer and she was amazing. What I like best is that the training is personalized to fit your needs in your home” V. Lopez.

If you’re looking for dog training anywhere in the Willamette Valley, our skilled trainers provide a adult and puppy training experience that supports a better relationship between you and your beloved canine companion.

Your Dogs Are in Good Hands.

9:00 am – 6:00 pm
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Leash training

Located in Salem, we want to help every dog find their forever home. We work with many Oregon adoption and rescue organizations and provide in-home dog training throughout the Willamette Valley to help unsocialized, shy, or fearful dogs unlearn aggressive behaviors.

If you have an adopted dog, or you are thinking about adopting a dog, it is important to work with a specialist who can help your dog unlearn any negative behaviors they may have previously developed. Our team of Oregon-based trainers takes a gentle, positive approach to training adopted dogs because we believe all dogs deserve a second chance.

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In-Home Dog Training On Your Terms At A Price You Can Afford

With experienced dog trainers throughout the Willamette Valley, we will be more than happy to visit you and your dog in your neck of the woods. We offer in-home dog training based on your schedule, your objectives and at a price you can afford.

Our approach ensures a more personalized training experience. We want to train you and your dog guaranteeing better results for you and your dog. 

Schedule private dog training with Smart Dog Pet Training LLC in Salem. Customized 4-week or 6-week dog training based on your dog’s specific needs and behaviors.

Our dog trainers come to you for puppy training, adult manners and obedience, or aggressive behavior corrections, and will be able to create a custom training plan and schedule designed just for you and your dog. 

Love-Train-Protect: Our Dog Training Philosophy

Our team of experienced trainers located throughout Oregon all follow the same dog training philosophy: love-train-protect.

It’s all about the dog. By understanding their personality and how to communicate with them, we can help you build a stronger relationship with your dog. This is why we teach communication skills and provide ongoing support long after our training sessions finish. Our reinforcement dog training is force-free, educational, and fun.