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Private Dog Training

More Than Your Average Dog Trainers

Private dog training in your home. Force-free dog training specializing in puppy training, obedience dog training, and shy/fearful aggressive dog behaviors.

Looking for puppy training or dog behavior modifications? 10% off all dog training now through May 31, 2022. Private dog training in your home customized for your dog’s specific behaviors that includes free customized training topics even after all your training sessions are over. Register now while spots are still available.

Compare In-Home Training vs Group Training

We sincerely believe in-home training is the best dog training you can provide for your dog based on our beliefs of the Love-Train-Protect philosophy. Private in-home training outweighs group training in many ways, compare and we believe you will agree.

With puppies, we start with very low distractible training first, then provide training for socialization skills with other dog’s and people in all different types of outside environments. For older dogs, depending of the level of training they have already had, in many cases we take them right outside for distraction training.

  • Best trainers specializing in puppy training and obedience dog training
  • Trainers located throughout Oregon
  • Customized dog training for your specific dog’s behavior

Free Phone Consultations

Dog training consultations

Free phone consultations to answer all your questions and discuss your dog’s specific behaviors including professional advice, tips, puppy training tips and information on our training programs that we offer. 

Customised Training Topics

Dog training topics

Customized training topics for puppy training and obedience dog training including health, nutrition, tricks, games, manners and behaviors such as how to help your dog with separation anxiety or how to help your dog with leash reactivity.

In Home Training

Oregon dog training

Discover the difference. In-home positive reinforcement dog training based on your schedule and training objectives. Customized for all dog breeds for puppies training and obedience dog training.

We are big on adopted and rescued dogs! Networking with many Oregon adoption and rescue organizations, our in-home training can help with unsocialized or shy and fearful dogs with aggressive dog behaviors.

At Smart Dog Pet Training LLC, it’s all about the dog. With free phone consultations and free training topics for life, training you how to communicate with your dog, understand their body language and utilizing the philosophy we believe in; Love-Train-Protect.

Based out of Salem, Oregon, we have experienced dog trainers located in Portland, Salem, Albany, Corvallis, Eugene, Bend and even in the Medford area to assist you in helping your dog succeed. Review their profiles and learn more about all of our private dog trainers.

Stop Your Dog’s Unwanted Behavior

Our dog trainers work with all breeds and behaviors with enormous experience in puppy training & adult dog behaviors such as potty training, crate training, jumping and leash training.

They can also help you teach your dog to stop unwanted behaviors such as leash reactivity, proper recall teaching your dog to come when called and barking and lunging at other dogs.

We are here to help you and your dog be the best you can be with force-free, positive reinforcement dog training that is fun, educational and affordable.

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“Lori was wonderful to have train our Aussie. She was able to help with our needs in as little as 2 weeks, then we were able to start on something else! She was assuring, respectful, knowledgeable, and truly showed she cared not only for our pup but for our families opinions as well. Manager also was wonderful to us, making sure we got the correct services we needed for our pup. I would recommend Smart Dog Services to friends and family.” K. Luna.

“My husky mix is a rescue pup who has intense separation anxiety, kenneling him seemed like a lost cause (as he ate through 3 kennels), He was marking in our home, and destroying our things. Glenn was so helpful, he took the time to listen to all of our issues and hear us out. Within hours we had Brodi “kenneling up” within the week we had him staying in his kennel for the whole day. Seriously saved us!!!!” C. Lambert.

“We just finished our puppy beginning classes and i couldn’t be happier. Nicole was our trainer and she was amazing. What I like best is that the training is personalized to fit your needs in your home” V. Lopez.