Dog Training Services

Dog trainers located in Salem & Albany for dog training, puppy training, obedience training & behavior training.

You may have a lot of questions when it comes to choosing the right puppy trainer or adult dog trainer. With all the choices, you may be asking “How do I find a qualified dog trainer near me?”

All of our training is very personalized for your dog’s specific behaviors in your home, public venues and local parks.

Why Private Training May Be the Better Solution

Every dog has different training needs. Train your dog in a stress free environment. This is especially true if you have a shy, fearful, reactive or over-excited dog.

We offer many options regardless of the dogs behavior or age that are stress free, fun, educational and affordable.

Free Evaluations to Ensure the Right Training Plan.

Your first meeting will always be an evaluation to meet your trainer, answer questions, discuss specific behavior’s and schedule training.

Puppy training near me

Helping You Bond, Educate, and Understand your Puppy or Adult Dog

Are private dog training classes right for you? Private in-home dog training may not always be the right solution.

In order to be successful, it requires spending more time with your dog, create a bond, and become educated on how to understand your dogs breed and dog behavior.

Puppy training and adult dog training can be held indoors or outdoors and customized for your dog’s specific dog behavior.

Trip charges may apply in some areas of Oregon. Once registration has been completed we will send you an email confirmation to complete your registration and make your payment.

Free Phone Consultation: Free phone consultation discussing your dog’s behavior, pricing and how we can work around your busy schedule.

In-Home Trainer Consultation: $60.00. An opportunity for your trainer to come to you to evaluate your dog’s behavior and answer questions. Some training may be included.

Individual in-home private sessions: $60.00/hr. In-home training sessions with your trainer customized for your dog’s specific behaviors for puppies and adult dogs.

Puppy Training Classes: 4-Weeks $185.00; 6-Weeks $285.00

Puppy Basics: Puppy training where you will learn how to give your puppy a smart start. Leave-it, Watch me, Wait, Potty training, crate training, nipping/biting, and jumping. Your new puppy will learn basic manners and commands with customized training lessons to meet your puppies specific training needs. Includes free in-home orientation.

Advanced Puppy: Want to take your puppy to the next level? Advanced training for distance, duration, distraction, proper greeting without jumping, off-leash training, recall, plus behavior specific training objectives. Includes free in-home orientation.

Adult Dog Training: 4-Weeks $185.00; 6-Weeks $285.00

Adult Dog Life Skills: Focusing on your dog’s specific dog behavior and training objectives. Includes free in-home orientation.

Distraction Training: Focusing on dog distractions at local pet stores, local and city parks, shopping malls and big box stores. Not for aggressive or reactive dog behaviors. Refer to Behavioral Rehabilitation Modification program for dogs with reactivity or aggression behaviors. Includes free in-home orientation. *Available for puppy training with completed vaccinations.

AKC Certified Programs: $25.00. We provide the materials and literature for you to prepare your puppy or dog at home. The test will be given by one of our CGC Evaluators at a public venue or local park near you.

CGC (Canine Citizenship Certification Program: A ten-skill training program that focuses on teaching the basics of dog obedience training, instilling the values of responsible ownership, and strengthening the bond between you and your dog at home and out in the community.

Community Canine: A 10-step program conducted in real life situations—like walking on a busy sidewalk or through a local park–giving you and your dog the confidence to enjoy every day to the fullest, no matter what comes your way.

AKC Urban CGC: A 10-step program to the test that your dog must pass to earn the official title, but it is administered in a place where there are cars, streets to be crossed, noises, and fast-paced distractions.

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program: An exciting program designed to get dog owners and their puppies off to a good start. Excellent first in-person training class for puppies. A good lead-in to earning the Canine Good Citizen title.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Modification Program: Currently unavailable. Individual 1-hour sessions $195.00; 4-weeks $475.00; 6-Weeks $6250.00; 12-weeks $1099.00. Dogs with aggressive dog behavior with other dogs or people, in or out of the home.

All training may be a combination of indoors and public places. Includes free in-home orientation. Certified CBCC-KA trainer with force-free and fear free certifications.

  • Phone consultations for free
  • Phone support or we come back out for free
  • Customized training topics for life
  • Guaranteed lowest price. *Restrictions may apply.

Trips fees may apply in some areas of Oregon.

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