D. Timm. We used SharpPets Dog Training for our Great Dane pup and the training was so helpful! At 5 mos, a Great Dane is a lot to handle since they are almost full grown. Glen doesn’t just teach the puppy new commands and techniques, but the owners as well. Pepper is now 8 months old and super-smart and obedient! I highly recommend SharpPets Dog Training. Glen is awesome and very flexible with training times and locations. We did our training in our home, but he is willing to meet at a park, or wherever suits you.

M. Koster. We just finished our training with Glen and he helped us tremendously with Charlie. Charlie is 5 months and has improved with the 3 training sessions we had with Glen. Glen always answers emails we send if we have questions and also sends articles that are very helpful. It’s so nice having one-on-one training because it helps to focus on what we need to do. I would be happy to provide anybody with a glowing reference for Glen. Always prompt for his training sessions! I highly recommend SharpPets dog training!

C. Marshall. The one on one experience was much more satisfying that a class setting. C. Marshall.

A. Cooper. My Belgian Malinois Maya and I just completed our set of training with Glen. Since we began working with him in January, he has been consistently helpful to us since then. He let me know not only what would be the most beneficial tactics, and strategies for training my dog, but HOW to be a leader and instructor to my dog. He was very supportive, and always available to help and offer advice. SharpPets dog training is very affordable, and very convenient for people who want in-home training, or are not able to take their dog in public. SharpPets also focuses on only positive reinforcement. I really appreciated the personalized approach, we were able to work on the things that Maya needs practice on, and I felt that our time with Glen was used productively. He also has a wonderful support dog Brandy, who was a terrific assistant at our training sessions! It has been an exciting journey to begin seeing improvements in Maya’s behavior after all of our hard work. We couldn’t have done it without SharpPets Dog Training! 🐕

S. Faherty. Thank you so much Glen for all your help! Since training with you molly is a completely different dog. I’m so happy with all her progress and can’t wait to see it get even better!

D. Augusto. Glen has been training with us with our 2 dogs, corgi/beagle 2 years old and 10 month corgi, who have decided not to get a long. He has help so much by telling us what to do and how to get them closer and if it doesn’t work, back to baby steps. I would recommend SharpPets Dog Training to everyone!! D. Augusto.

Christine MB. Glen was wonderful! Our Olde English Bulldog is so strong, stubborn and smart. She was pulling to the point that I couldn’t walk her. Glen helped with the pulling, leash training and more. Now our little girl sits and stays comes when we call and we are working on ‘leave it” on our next two lessons.

A. Brainard. Glen has been so helpful with Luke. I honestly was convinced that nothing could change this stubborn, strong dog of ours from bulldozing his way through everything. but in 2 sessions we have seen such a change. we have 1 session left and I’m pretty sure Luke (and us) have gotten a lot of this down. thank you so much! ( the photo attached is after day 2 of training. he is POOPED!) LOL

A. Munsters. We just finished our first session with Glen, and already I feel more prepared to help our puppy grow into a good dog. He’s very patient (as our pup requires 😬) and rolls with the punches when the dog stops cooperating. I’ve been happy with other training classes we’ve done, but for I think it’s really beneficial to have one-on-one attention in our home (where we want her to learn to behave!) I’m excited to see how much her behavior improves through working with Glen!

Glen was great with teaching us how to train Remi our cavapoo! We did 5 weeks and I can honestly say we learned so much and Remi is a smart pup so training her was easy! We can’t wait to use what we learned to now train our new puppy! Thank you Glen! It’s such a joy to have a well behaved pup!

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