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Customized short or long Salem dog walks with personalized attention.

Your Solution For Salem Dog Walking Services

Smart Dog Pet Training LLC is your solution for customized and experienced Salem dog walking services. At Smart Dog Pet Training LLC we offer so much more than just your average dog walking services.

We specialize in force-free positive reinforcement dog walking services for all ages, breeds and behaviors.

Customized Dog Walking Services

Our Oregon dog walkers provide expert dog walking services based on your specific needs and objectives. This can include customized training while on walks for all dog breeds, ages, and behaviors. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, our Oregon dog walkers will be able to create a custom dog walking schedule designed just for you. 

Experience the Difference with Private Individualized Dog Walking Services In Oregon

Every dog is different, with a unique personality and learning needs. That’s why we only exclusively private individualized dog walking services.

Compared to some dog walkers, our Oregon dog walkers will give your dog the time and attention they need. This helps us create a stronger connection with your dog, so that we can provide dog walking sessions that achieve more. Private individualized dog walking sessions are also important for shy, unsocialized, and fearful dogs with aggressive behaviors. 

Not only does our private dog walking services make your life more convenient, but it also helps your dog get the exercise and release the energy level to prevent boredom and destructive behavior, and can include customized training needs while on walks.

Salem Dog Walkers

Ash Steiner – Salem/Keizer Dog Walker

Ever since I was little I have loved animals and being outside. Most of my favorite childhood memories are hiking and visiting the beach with the family dog.

My hope is for all dogs and owners to have the freedom to bring their pup everywhere they want without the worry of reactivity or unsafe behaviors.

I have worked with Hopes Haven as a foster. While fostering I have come face to face with a lot of dogs from very different backgrounds and habits, both the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I’ve always found that the best way to train is through patience and understanding. Every command is a skill the dog needs to learn and, like humans, no two dogs are the same.

Being able to walk safely with a dog brings owners and pets closer, and I am excited to help strengthen that bond.

Your customized training included in our dog walking services can include and not limited to:

  • Proper leash walking
  • Waiting at crosswalks
  • Waiting at entry and exit of doorways
  • Checking in with you while on walks
  • Proper socialization skills
  • Leash Reactivity in the presence of people and dogs

Our Dog Walking Services Are Available In:

  • Salem
  • Corvallis
  • Eugene
  • Bend
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