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Customized Albany Dog Training In the Comfort of Your Home

Our Albany dog trainers come to you. Based on your schedule that works for you, they will customize a training plan based on your puppy or adult dog’s specific training needs.

Albany puppy training

Lori W.

(Serving Albany & Corvallis clients)

Hello! I have been training and showing dogs in performance events for 25 years. I really enjoy teaching Life Skills as they help a dog be an enjoyable family member. I love seeing dogs really get the concept of shaping and become an active participant in the training! 

What Lori’s customers are saying.

5-Stars- I was so happy to find that having a trainer come to my house on my schedule was an affordable option! I knew I needed help but didn’t have time for puppy class on someone else’s timetable. Glen was super helpful during my initial consult and then Lori was our assigned trainer. She was wonderful! She met us at our house and helped us work through multiple frustrating behaviors in our puppy. She gave us practical solutions to practice and showed us what to do. Our puppy would improve just in the hour she was here. She even took time after the sessions to send us links to helpful products since we’re new to the puppy world. Lori’s a gem and I’d recommend this training, especially to give you confidence and a great start with a new pup. Kylea K.

5-Stars – Lori, our Albany dog trainer, was wonderful to have train our Aussie. She was able to help with our needs in as little as 2 weeks, then we were able to start on something else! She was assuring, respectful, knowledgeable, and truly showed she cared not only for our pup but for our families opinions as well. Manager also was wonderful to us, making sure we got the correct services we needed for our pup. I would recommend Albany Smart Dog Pet Training to friends and family. K Luna.

5- Stars – Lori was so great training our 3 year old Boston terrier with leash reactivity issues in Albany Oregon. We made a lot of progress with our dog in the 6 week training course. She was very accommodating to our limited schedule, and gave us lots of good information to work with. We feel confident that our dog can overcome her behavior issues with practice and positive reinforcement. And Nala loved her! Thank you Lori! MS.

How We Can Help

  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Obedience Training
  • Dog Manners Training
  • Dog Performance Training
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Certifications
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Lori Training

In-Home Albany Puppy Training

Puppy training classes for all dog breeds and behaviors. Having a new puppy you may be experiencing potty training, crate training, nipping/biting, and jumping on people.

This are common behaviors for puppies. As your puppy begins to develop mentally and physically, it is important to teach your puppy bite inhibition, redirection and how to properly greet people.

In-home puppy training eliminates the need to have all your puppies vaccinations completed. Unlike group sessions or board-n-train whereas you must transport your puppy and expose to other harmful environments in the presence of other dogs, your puppy is safe in the comfort of your home.

Albany Dog Training Programs for Every Age

Having a puppy training timeline teaching good behaviors is extremely important before it’s too late. As your puppy gets older, bad behaviors can become harder to break.

Smart Dog Pet Training LLC and our Albany dog trainers have many programs for beginning and advanced dog training to continue your dog’s education regardless of age.

  • Advanced Puppy Training
  • Distraction Training programs
  • AKC Urban Community programs
  • AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen)

These programs can include teaching your dog to “wait” at the door, proper “heel”, eliminating pulling on the leash, leash reactivity in addition to comfort support and pre-service dog skills:

  • Sitting at crosswalks
  • Waiting at public entrance doors
  • Elevators and stairs

These programs are excellent continue education programs once your puppy has completed all vaccinations, or adult dogs needing behavior training.

Proper socialization skills in real life situations is invaluable for dogs of all ages whether you choose to take your dog with you in public places or not. Good dog manners will help your dog stimulate the mind and teach your dog self-control.

A dog training program just for you

Get fast, lasting results with a proven approach to in-home dog training. Whether a new puppy, a adolescent dog, a senior dog, or a adopted or rescued dog we have a training plan that’ll work for you! And we will be there coaching you every step of the way.

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