Know Your Dog’s True Age

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What’s Your Dog’s True Age?

Have you ever wondered what your dog’s true age is? It is said every seven years equals one human year. While the previous seven-year calculation might give you a rough estimate, it’s now believed that a new formula is more accurate, one that scientists are still trying to hone.

Dr. Leslie Brook, DVM and her team has developed a dog age calculator that allows users to enter a dog’s age and see it converted to human years. Even more, the tool provides insights like average life expectancy, weight, and height for over 100 dog breeds. 

Dr. Brook says “Unfortunately, many pet owners don’t always know how old their dog actually is and how they should be caring for their furry friend. If pet parents know their dog’s exact stage of life, they can make better decisions about their diet, nutrition, exercise, and health. That’s why my team decided to make a resource like this free and accessible to the public.”

To discover your dog’s true age, use the link to the Dog Age Calculator, you may be surprised.

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